• MIRIAM: It was Hannibal Hannibal chopped off my arm and stuck me down here Hannibal killed all those people Hannibal framed Will Graham Hannibal eats people Hannibal Jack it's Hannibal.

I’m really fucking sick of everyone. You only care when you want something from me. I’m done. Get the fuck out of my life. Find someone else who wants to deal with your shit. I don’t and I’m not oblivious to your not so sly comments putting me down. Fuck you. You’re not that cute, funny or smart. Not every guy wants your dick get over yourself you arrogant piece of shit. I’m done with all you fake ass friends. Ps grow up your life wasn’t that tragic and you’re not the only person to have a rough childhood. Get over the woe is me crap it’s not a fucking contest.

Blasting Eminem sorry neighbors IDGAF.